Law Office in Iran

Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI & Associates, member of Iran Bar Association and Iran Association of Official (Court Accredited) Expert Witnesses , IBA (under membership No. 1007067), AEL and some other regional and international groups and associations of French-speaking and Arabic-speaking lawyers and paralegals and located in downtown Tehran (Iran), has considerable experience in providing legal regulatory and contractual advice to commercial, industrial and financial institutions. The firm also advises in a wide range of other areas including arbitration, property law, inheritance, family law , litigation, liquidation of companies, intellectual property and shipping. The firm is available to advise, draft, interpret and handle documents in English, French, Arabic as well as in Persian (Farsi) . We are recognized by,, Martindale Hubbel, Chambers Global, IFLR1000, West Law, Find Law, Lexmundi and many other international and regional legal directories.

We area re a full service International practice law firm in Iran which was founded back in the year 2001. The firm brings together a limited   but highly dedicated and motivated group of lawyers to provide  legal advice and expertise according to international standards. Lawyers at the firm, speaking several foreign languages (including fluent French and English as well as communicative and dialectal Arabic) have advised on complex corporate-commercial transactions including large infrastructure projects and joint venture agreements.

We have offices in downtown and north Tehran where you can always  find our licensed attorneys and lawyers. Furthermore, we have partner law firms in several countries including Germany, Austria, UAE and most Persian Gulf littoral states, Lebanon, Portugal , France ….

 Mission Purpose & Main Activities:

  • To engage and litigate in various areas of practice and provide legal advice on a wide variety of  legal matters inter alia company formation, registration and dissolution/winding up/ liquidation as well as company  search & information , due diligence , audit , forensic accounting and private investigation;  various international commercial contracts; protection of  intellectual property rights of our clients in Iran; property law (including Property restitution for Iranian émigrés) ; inheritance, succession and probate law; penal law (including forgery and cyber space crimes); immigration/emigration law (as investors, entrepreneurs, skilled workers or students as well as for purely family reunion purpose);  labor  (employment) law ; corporate taxation; recovery of commercial receivables and debt collection, repayment, negotiation, rescheduling  and restructuring; aviation law;
  • To handle legal affairs of Iranian  citizens residing abroad basically in the field of personal status such as obtainment and legalization of  identification documents, marriage  inheritance matters, divorce, tutorship, custodianship and guardianship as well as adoption;
  • To litigate before courts (first instance, appellate as well as Supreme Court) of law in Iran;
  • To write legal opinions and to carry out legal research; n to check, examine and verify authenticity of documents; to serve documents  on juridical and physical entities in Iran and provide the relevant proof of service; to enter into cooperation and partnership  with other international law firms around the world;
  • To handle cases involving recognition and enforcement of foreign  court rulings and  judgments as well as arbitral awards;
  • To process investment applications under Iran Foreign Investments Promotion & Protection Act; to handle business with Tehran Stock Exchange, Tehran OTC (Tehran Fara Bourse) as well as   in matters of derivatives, banking, finance & funding structures, trade related issues, compliance, due diligence & sanctions;


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