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Most Recent Cases of Law Offices of Dr. Hassan AMIRSHAHI & Associates:

  • Advising Far East automotive manufacturer regarding a joint venture project with a local automotive manufacturer in the north of Iran.

  • Commenting and reviewing agreement (Interim Service, Licensing, Installation, Maintenance & Support Services) involving sale of several software solution to IranCell ( holder and operator of the second GSM license in Iran).

  • Acting as consultants to Hong Kong-based and Cyprus-based banks regarding registration with Bank Markazi (Iran Central Bank) and operation in Iran within the mandatory limits sets by the 1999 Law on Operation of Foreign Branch and Representative Offices.

  • Reviewing, commenting and negotiating signature of contract for dry lease of passenger planes between an East European client and a domestic airline company and representing client for obtainment of necessary licenses from Iran Civil Aviation Organization.

  • Acting as counsel to a number of foreign oil companies regarding buyback agreements   for both onshore and offshore exploration projects in South Iran and South Pars Phases.

  • Acting as counsel to a major European company for drawing up participating interest transfer agreement in liquefied natural gas to develop South Pars Offshore Gas Field allowing overseas client acquiring equity interest.

  • Acting as counsel to a major European company for drawing up an equity participation agreement in Iran natural gas upstream and midstream projects with NIGEC/NIOC.

  • Serving as legal consultants to two top-ranking automotive- accessories manufacturing foreign companies to draw up an acquisition and joint venture agreement in two Iranian automotive accessories companies in the private sector.

  • Acting as legal advisors to a European company for delivery of IT services to Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company (BIPC) and for drafting the JVA with local companies in accordance with the statutory localization requirement.

  • Providing legal advice to three major foreign airline companies operating into and out of Iran on practical aspects likely to stem from envisioned merger of their activities (airport operations, ticketing…)and cost and benefits involved in GSA in place and stead of present direct involvement and conducting the requisite due diligence.

  • Acting as overseas claimant’s counsel in litigation initiated for recovery of receivables from two major Iranian producers of soft drinks in Iran.

  • Advising Bonyad Mostazafan & Janbazan Holding on best ways to collect sums owed by physical persons and legal entities residing outside Iran.

  • Obtainment of FIPPA  ( Foreign Investment  Promotion & Protection Act) license for two overseas manufacturers of razor blades and car seats from India and West Europe.

  • Providing advice and other legal support to a number of  Far Eastern and European companies in matters involving joint venture agreements  and equity participation in Iranian companies active in the food (Islamic bier/ malt) and construction (cement) sectors as well as in conducting the preliminary feasibility study and due diligence for launching and introducing  fast moving consumer goods ( cigarettes) on the Iranian market.

  • Obtaining permissions (inside and outside Iran) for repatriation of assets of foreign entities that closed down in Iran in the light of th present spate of US extraterritorial sanctions.

  • Acting as counsel (and already winning the case) for a major European company of fashion design and garment articles in an IPR case before Div. III of Tehran Civil Courts.






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